Before I get started, I would like to point out I lack any relevant experience (besides an internship I am doing at an insurance firm). Now, other than that I'm working at a part time job while doing the internship at the same time. On the side, I sell various used items on eBay for supplemental income. My question is, can I legitimately put this on my resume?

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Does your "business on the side" demonstrate anything that people in IB are looking for? If yes, then yes; if no, then no.

PS- your post was vague and lacked specifics.

"I'm not sure what the four 9's do, but the ace, I think, is pretty high."

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Well, to be more specific, I worked for Fedex Kinko's 3 years and am now working part time at The Home Depot and doing an internship. I feel that this side business demonstrates entrepreneurial and communication skills. I am not looking to get into IB, but am looking to get into Asset Management/Equity Research.

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