Admission to MSc in Finance for NON-EU

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Alright so my profile briefly: finishing my Bachelor in Management with major in Finance, GPA 4.7/5, GMAT 740, good extracurriculars and internship in Gazprom with focus on finance.
Applied to Bocconi in 2nd Round, put MSc in Finance 1st choice and CEMS 2nd choice (just to put something ink didn't think it would come to 2nd choice) and got accepted on CEMS...WTF.....with 50% reduction on tuition but still.....
A week ago applied to RSM on Finance and Investments, got accepted, scholarships distribution will be released on April 1st
Also considering applying to WHU and St. Gallen and maybe HEC if I find any grants, otherwise with undervalued Ruble its gonna be robbery
Now I've surfed a few forums and found out that St. Gallen is just not worth it for Non-EU students without good knowledge of German and even with that knowledge as well, employers simply won't hire because the don't want to deal with proving that no Swiss citizen was good enough for the job in order to give work permit for non-EU student or write in job description "native speakers of German". I've also heard that in Germany and Austria its not the case, it is a lot easier to get a job in IB or finance industry in general, the same goes for Netherlands.
My question is to anyone who can give any advice: what b-school I should go for MSc Finance provided that I am a Non-EU citizen who wants to work in IB? Considering both the quality of education and the university itself as well as career prospects for someone without the EU passport.
Maybe even accept the Bocconi CEMS offer? Heard that some students after the CEMS MIM program manage to break into IB.
Would appreciate any help on the matter.

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