Advice for a N00b...Ivey vs. U of T

Hi Everyone,

I want an honest evaluation of my chances in consulting...

I am an undergrad major in Marketing at a top B-school in Canada with a GPA of 3.7. Currently working at the Canadian division of a Fortune 500 firm - 2 years of experience so far as a brand manager.

I am evaluating whether I should go to Ivey or UofT for a 2nd chance at management consulting. I say 2nd, because I made a feeble attempt during undergrad (e.g. I got an interview with BCG, but didn't get past 1st round - I hadn't prepped for cases properly).

There are a few considerations:

  1. Ivey is a 1 year program, so will I have enough time to get my ducks in a row?
  2. Although top consulting firm hire at U of T, most hires seem to have an engineering background

I also have a few specific questions:

  1. Do you guys think I have been "blacklisted" at BCG because I failed my first attempt?
  2. Are there any Canucks out there working at top consulting firms (e.g. MBB) with an MBA at either of those schools and what's your POV?
  3. Do I have any chance of getting recruited through a headhunter at MBB or 2nd tier firm pre-MBA or is my best 2nd shot post-MBA?
  4. My current salary is around much can I expect to earn relative to this at MBB post-MBA? This is so I can do a cost-benefit analysis. :)

Thanks everyone sincerely for your advice!