Advice for an Aerospace Engineer

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New here, but I've been perusing this board for information for a couple of years now and acquired a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed after getting laid-off from a position as a software developer at a financial firm. A little background: I graduated from a non-target (top-50) private school in the Midwest with a BSE in Aerospace Engineering in May 2011. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA. I was also one class shy of an economics minor.

I have completed engineering internships at 3 different Fortune 100 before moving taking the full-time assignment as a software developer in NYC. I would like to remain in city and find a position as an analyst at a small boutique bank or some sort of quant/programming position.

Any advice on where I should start my search, or does anyone have an idea of small firms that are currently hiring? I know that I don't have the GPA or credentials to land anything in a upper tier MM or BB bank, but I'm willing to work hard and get stuff done. I would even consider an internship to help me break in. I have enough to live in the city for a few months on severance pay, so I have some time. Also, I was the president of my fraternity in college, so I could possible leverage some of that network.

Sorry for the long first-post, but I'm struggling on where to start. I appreciate the help!

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Oct 21, 2011

financial engineering?

Oct 21, 2011