Advice for entry-level Instit Sales seeker

I'm new to this site, but have been following a somewhat regular basis and enjoy what I read.

I am looking to enter in the Institutional Sales world on either the equities or fixed income side at preferably a MM/boutique bank (dont care if the deal size averages $15mm or $250mm; Im looking for experience here). Looking at the smaller shops for the prime reason that I believe it is a great place to get in over my head with responsibilities, work as hard as possible, and grow intellectually as much as I can. While the BBs offer a great training program, I believe my application is better built for a smaller firm, and I have had relatively better experiences working in small firms vs large ones.

A bit about myself:

22 year old senior at a small liberal arts school in CT. Not a target school, but regarded as a solid academic institution nonetheless

Double majoring with a BS in Econ, BA in Poli Sci - have taken many of the mathematical econ and finance courses school has to offer.

Cum GPA is 3.0, but has been a 3.6 in my Soph and jyr years. Frosh year was a miserable waste of human space on my end and Ive learned from it and used the negative experience to drive my success going forwards.

Have interned the past 3 summers for information company giant, ranging from a business analyst intern to an intern on the financial markets sales team.

Have involved myself heavily in leadership roles in financial communities at the school as well as in the Varsity sports culture of the school for some years now.

If there is any advice you might have for me in terms of getting into this field, or MM/Boutique firms I should be looking at for FT employment in the summer please let me know.

Thanks a lot