Advice for getting the return offer this summer

Hello the title is self explanatory. What advice do you have for me and other interns on getting a return offer. I am a non-target that grinded my ass off to get a great internship at a firm in NYC and want to know in your personal experience what the best interns in your memory have done? This will be my second internship and my junior year (Last one was in IB but was virtual and this summer I'll be in PE, in the office).  

Some things I've been doing and will continue to do is build models of companies, LBOs, and even reading textbooks on PE.

I am not too worried about coming in as an expert on the information, but rather want to be able to provide value as much as possible and be likeable/known enough to secure the return offer.

Some things I want to have opinions on:

Interns should always be last in the office right? 

When I finish my current work how do I ask for more work after triple checking my deliverables?

Would love to hear other open advice you have for interns/summer analysts. 

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Jan 12, 2022 - 1:34am

Dude, relax. As an intern at most places, you are not expected to be a value add. And while it's great you can do this modeling, you are going a bit overkill here. The problem with going overkill is that it tends to show in how you act/your personality. Nobody wants some awkward try-hard in the office, but someone who is chill, hard working, and not weird/annoying. You will be evaluated less on your actual work product (of course it should be high quality/little mistakes) but more so your demeanor, attitude and work ethic.

Ask questions, be curious, work hard, and chill tf out.You shouldn't be the first person leaving, but don't be that hardo intern who stays until 2am where everyone knows you aren't doing shit. Use common sense- if it's a reasonably late hour and people you've asked say they have no work for you, make the rounds and go home.

The thing that makes an intern stand out is their curiosity, their ability to take constructive criticism and whether or not they are reasonably competent to do the job. Ask meaningful questions, know your place and don't act with a chip on your shoulder, and be the person everyone likes and can rely on.

Jan 13, 2022 - 11:36pm

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