Advice for Meeting with S&T BB Director when I want to do M&A

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Hey guys, first time poster, long-time lurker here.

I have a connection "Y" who I reached out to and asked if they knew anyone in IB as they work more on the PWM side for a BB and they said they did, who we will call "X", who is a director in S&T at a BB. I don't think "Y" fully understands all the facets of IB (which I said I was interested in) and how it's different from S&T but they said they could arrange something. Coming from a non-target it's obviously hard to set up meetings like this so when I had the opportunity, I had to take it. I didn't find out until now that "Y" works in S&T, which to be honest, I'm not interested in. I have dove headfirst into everything IB whether it be M&A, Restructuring, or ECM/DCM for the past year and I'm trying to land a SA next year.

I'm extremely grateful for the meeting but how can I not be disrespectful and waste "Y's" time when I meet with them by essentially saying at the end of the meeting "I'm not really interested in S&T, is there anyone you know in IB who I can learn from?" I feel like I'm walking on glass here. Suggestion are much appreciated.

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Jul 26, 2018