Advice for moving out of appraisal internship

Hey guys, I'm just seeking some general advice. I'm majoring in economics at a non-target and graduate fall 2020.

I'm in a hot MSA for real estate, and I've interned at a CRE brokerage/developer (leasing/underwriting), a large regional MF developer (marketing, but it gave me exposure and the company has good cachet in our area), and now intern at a top 3 CRE appraisal firm assisting on reports. This last experience has been very beneficial; I'm exposed to a lot of the basics and learn a ton every day.

I really want to find an internship next summer at a large developer/REIT in my area (likes of JBG SMITH, Vornado). I reached out to an HR contact on LinkedIn at the firm I'm interested in and received a reply, basically giving info on the cycle, saying I should apply, and to keep contact before applying.

Although appraisal is fine for now, as you all may know, I learn a little bit about a lot. It's good experience as an undergrad but I'm not sure if it makes me competitive for a position at one of these firms, especially since I want to do development or AM.

Is there any advice/anything I can do in the meantime to make myself a better candidate, prior to applying at the end of the year? Whether it's reaching out to alumni, certifications, general knowledge. Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

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Jun 12, 2019