Advice for prepping for IB technical questions for Non-Finance Background Kids

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for advice to prep for technical questions for IBD SA 2020 recruiting. I'm a sophomore at a Target and just made the switch to finance (previous summer) so I don't have a crazy knowledge on financial modelling. So far, I have mainly focused on modelling courses and reading some parts of rosenbaum (WAAC/DCF related sections mainly) but haven't gotten to Merger Model or LBO's yet.

Considering I'll finish learning Merger Model / LBO Analysis related questions soon - How are my chances for landing interviews taking in account accelerated recruiting.

For Experience: Currently working as an IB fall/winter analyst (started 2 months ago) at a local boutique.

Please let me know from your experience if it's even possible to land a BB

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Jan 4, 2019