Advice: How to break into IB from Government

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I'm a former federal government staffer from a couple of financially-relevant agencies, trying to pivot into a transactional role on the Street. Held pretty senior, advisory type roles reporting to principals, but also did a lot of political operational work along the way. Prior to government, I spent a couple of years in MO roles at a BB (ops, compliance, risk). JD/MBA (corporate law, finance focused) from a non-target school.

I realize that the unconventional nature of my background doesn't square with BB recruiting and have focused my IB attention on the MM/Boutique. So far, have had more product conversations on the sell-side but no bites. Honestly been a bit surprised that I've had this much trouble gaining traction... Any suggestions on where a guy like me can fit in?

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Jan 28, 2020

Tobin & Co., for its great culture.

But in all seriousness, do you have any contacts from your old BB that you could reach out to? I know you were MO but maybe some of them lateraled to FO positions, or if you knew someone in the FO it definitely wouldn't hurt to reach out.


Jan 28, 2020
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