Advice Needed: 1st Job Move Post MBA - Internal to Consulting?

Hey WSO,

Looking for some general advice here. I'm a 2018 MBA graduate, currently slightly more than halfway through a two year Leadership Rotation at a well-known F500. Though the work has been varied - given the nature of the rotation - it's largely bent toward MarTech.

I love the job, but there have been a lot of structural changes in the last year alone, and it's causing me to consider what is/isn't best for me once my two years are up.

I know that this is a broad question, but I'm curious what kind of opportunities might be out there in Consulting for a guy like me. I'm interested in the changing nature of project-based work, have no issue with long hours/politics, and think it's the kind of thing I'd be comfortable doing for 5 years + (still young-ish).

Here's some general background on current situation:

Functional area: Marketing
Vertical: Consumer Products
Education: '18 MBA - Marketing (Non target but well regarded, very high grades), '12 B.A. - Humanities ( shitty grades, just under 3.0)
Work Exp (at time of app): 2 years Post MBA, F500 Leadership Rotation, 3 years pre-MBA, start up marketing.
Salary: Mid low six figures + modest bonus

So, realistically:

1) Does a guy like me stand a shot at either a large firm (assuming I'm not an MBB candidate, though obviously entirely open to that) or a solid boutique?
2) What's dreaming too big/too small?
3) What can I expect in terms of salary/comp structure
4) What's the interview process like if you're a post MBA professional?

Appreciate the help.

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Aug 14, 2019