Advice Needed: REPE v Cushy Corp Finance Job

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Undergrad Senior from semi-target school.

Offers from a few medium sized REPE funds, and some larger debt funds in NYC and San Fran but the compensation really isn't too great and the living expenses will be insane and I will be saving almost zero. Got approached for a corporate finance job with a great tech company (not what I'm looking for at all - but would be saving 30-40ish k per year and they will pay 100% for me to go back to school and do an MBA). At the RE funds I know I'll be working at least 70+ hours and no more than 50 at the tech company.

Hard to say no to this offer but nervous to push my career in the opposite direction (out of investment management/real estate). Have internship experience at BB banks and smaller repe funds. Given that experience, an MBA, and corp fin at a large tech company would that put me in a good position to pivot into PE tech in about 4 or so years?

Opinions? - Please help!!!

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Mar 25, 2018