Advice on choosing job / career in business school

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Hey Fellow Monkeys.

I'm about to start at a good MBA program in the fall, and it's hitting me that business school is an opportunity to reset and try new things. I applied with a certain end goal in mind, but now I'm cognizant that perhaps my goal was too restrictive and wanted to think about business school with a wider lens.

Curious what experienced monkeys' advice for choosing a job / career path in business school would be. Here are some topics to spark conversation, but answers don't have to be related to any of this:

* Specialist vs Generalist? Is it worthwhile to focus on a specific industry that is on the rise and try and learn as much about it as possible or is it better to build up a general skillset that will allow you to do "anything" within your chosen career path?
* Any types of classes that I should 100% take? I've heard people mention courses on negotiation, leadership-related courses, specialized financial modeling courses.
* Entrepreneurship. Business school seems like a pretty risk free time to try this, but are there hidden costs that I might not be thinking of? For example, reduced ability to find a good internship / FT job, or less time for social interaction?
* Any strong opinions, good or bad, about going into IB / Consulting / PE?

I realize this is a very open ended post and I sincerely appreciate any generosity with answers!

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Aug 6, 2019

Whatever field you choose, it's important to know the steps which you should take before you pick your future career. First of all, you have to know your working style. It influences your ability to succeed in certain careers. Think about the past jobs you had. Identify the skills you have and analyze whether they fit the job you're going to apply to. Determine your goals and values, talk to people who work in the field you're choosing, be flexible and remember that everything can change.

Aug 25, 2019