Advice on getting into PE, M&A advisory

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I'm highly interested in getting into the PE world AND would want to start ASAP while in college. I hope to hear from industry professionals
Note: Please do not say anything of the following: "Wait till you graduate" or "Do well in school first"

Current situation:
Right now, I'm at a not so good business school BUT will be transferring into a top 5 undergraduate business program in Canada (Schulich or UofT - for all my Toronto guys!). Specializing in finance & accounting, Minoring in Computer science + Applied Statistics & will be going through a great coding Bootcamp program.

I'm debating between starting off as a Commercial Real Estate broker or getting started as a business broker or M&A advisor.
WHY? I really do believe working in sales or consulting provides so much value that not even Harvard can top and I want to dive into the business world ASAP.

My end goal in Life: Become the CEO of a boutique firm (<100m) and grow it to a billion-dollar firm. I don't want to work at a large corporation.
I also want to be a shrewd investor in private and public firms as it is something that brought to studying businesses (in & out of school) in the first place.

**My questions are: **

A) Which is a better field to work in CRE VSM&A advisory VS Business Broker? & why
B) Should I start off as a Business broker before entering M&A advisory because of tough it is to break into M&A?
C) Should I not go into any those fields and instead get a position at a Value-investing firm?

Thank you for taking the time to read the Post as it means a great ton!
Hope to hear from the pros soon!
Have an awesome week everyone!

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