Advice on Navigating Career Roadmap (Corp Dev Analyst)

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Hi WSO - I see a lot of good advice tossed around here so I thought I'd give it a try myself. Posting anonymously since my account has somewhat revealing info...

I currently work at a company that will spin-off into two independent businesses. I would be directly working on this transaction, which would be fantastic for my resume, but here are my concerns/goals:

  1. I'm two years out of college. Did a one-year stint in IB and just hit my one year mark in my current role (Corp. Dev). I deserve a raise/promotion, but my company is very slow about both of those things. In addition, I am being paid essentially much higher than other people with my current title, which leads me to believe that even if I do get a promotion, it would not come with the salary I want
  2. I enjoy the type of work I do and would like to stay in this general field, but my primary goal is to get paid as much as possible. The outlook for both companies is lukewarm at best, meaning that I don't think I would be granted a good raise even though I think I deserve it

FWIW, I make $80K + $2K bonus in a T3 COL City (Charlotte, Atlanta, Austin, Orlando etc.)

Thanks for reading so far, very open to suggestions. Will try to respond throughout the day...

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Oct 7, 2019

May I recommend you remove the first half of point #2? Don't want to see you run into problems.

I tried.
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Oct 7, 2019