advice on sgh warsaw school of economics and U of Michigan(ross)/imperial biz school/ivey

hello everyone, it would be very helpful if anyone could talk about sgh(warsaw school of economics),there dosent seem to be any information about high finance in poland

So im an indian male(grew up in UAE) and will be applying for universities this month, just wanted opinions on investment banking in poland,if anyone could provide an idea,like who are the major players,target schools?how large are analyst classes?how easy is it to get a job in ib?(heard banks were expanding here a few years back?),is polish required or can you get by with english.Also is it possible to recruit for london offices(semi target?), if im able to learn european languages or even arabic(have an okay grasp of it since i grew up here,idk feels like learning arabic would be quite unique,not many people knowing arabic would apply to london)

and finally they have exchange programs with university of michigan(ross) which i could go on,but i think that recruiting for US opportunities will be almost impossible because i wont have any opt and many banks dont sponsor,they also have exchange programs with imperial and ivey,canada isnt super hard to migrate to but idts ill be able to recruit there even from ivey,any opinions on this? finally imperial,this looks most likely,i coud try and network while in london and ibanks hire people from european universities anyways,what do you guys think, im willing to learn german an/or other languages as well,i will have about 4 months between finishing hs and college, so i could really give it a lot of time.

Additionaly how would a degree from sgh be looked upon when applying to jobs in UAE?

I prolly sound like a major hardo rn but Any advice you can give will be very very helpful, thank you in advance.

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Jan 10, 2022 - 11:49am

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