Advice: Only from those in the industry

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Hi Guys,
Need some advice from the guys in the field
Brief background: Top 3 global research house, an year 2 associate (analyst, associate, vp heirarchy in bottom to top order), post MBA joinee. Received personal clients votes in year 1, did an IPO (lead guy) and was going all gung ho last year. Then financial crisis stuck, politics et al and now working as the junior guy for a colleague who is in essence a fraud, and wants me to claim he was managing people. I have a small, relatively insignificant sector and the guy makes all efforts possible to actively sabotage my career, no clients for the larger sector, no company contact etc., tells our boss he desperately needs resources but keeps me idle so that he is irreplaceable....essentially doing everything to sabotage me.

Advice needed:
a./ Should i approach competitor houses directly or via recruiters only?
b./ Whilst boss is sympathetic and wants to change things (promises me to wait 2-3 months and he will sort it), he does not want to upset his top hot shot. However last year's bonus for me was a negligible 25% of base and i assume that the final ground is money so i should assume all these good intentions are baloney and he just wants to make me work another 6 months for free? Correct/Incorrect
c./ How best to tackle this situation in light of background and b./
d./ Expectation of $200k, for a year II associate comp are unreasonable?