Advice / Tips On Preparing For FT Fixed Income / Equity Sales (S&T) Recruitment Over Summer

Didn't manage to land an SA gig in S&T...

Gonna bust my ass in preparing for the FT round over summer. I understand that it's a lot more difficult to land an FT gig with no prior experience, but I won't let these statistics stop me from trying.

Could any insiders shed some light on how I should prepare for FT recruitment for Fixed Income / Equity Sales? Or which group would you recommend me looking into? FYI, I don't have a finance background, but I have a lot of experiences in sales / client-facing roles. Really appreciate any advice / tips!

Whether I'll make it or not in the end, I'll share with the community the recruitment process because I strongly believe that it's important to give back (or try to give back)!!

Thanks a lot in advance.

And those who are in the same boat, keep hustlin'!!! It'll pay off - one way or another :)