Advice: Transitioning from Csuite healthcare -> PE

Hey guys, new here. Just wanted to stop by and strike a conversation and see if I could get any advice.

I'm 32 and have been working in healthcare predominately. My bread and butter has been in healthcare. I've worked my way up the ladder as a corporate compliance officer for a publicly traded company, and COO positions in others. For the last 2 year I've pretty much been doing consulting, buy/sell side for healthcare, financial analysis an due diligence on a acquisitions for sponsor lead buyouts I've been putting together. The problem with is I'm pretty much on my own now. I'm at the point where I can go back to working in healthcare operationally (have been offered a couple CEO positions at smaller companies) but that's not really what I like to do anymore. I am really all in and obsessed with leveraged buyouts. I have source all the deals myself and have connections to pretty much every c-suite officer in the healthcare space across the country. I've picked up some advisory board roles, one with an international digital bank in puerto rico, and another with a non-profit connected to the Gates foundation. I do not have my MBA, and haven't formally worked in a finance-only firm yet. I've done numerous courses and classes on financial modeling/IB/and PE investments which were then utilized on the sponsor side raises for the projects we put together.

I'm down in Florida right now on the Tampa side, and I'm looking to get back over to South Florida (west palm - maimi). I'm looking for advice on how to break into PE in this market. Is my best option right now to enter a fund as more of a bizdev person since I do not have the "formal" finance experience? I know PE is very relationship, deal sourcing, and modeling based, and I feel strong in those areas. I also know from doing a lot of research on this forum that there isn't that many PE shops (at least respectable ones) in South Florida. Is me not having an MBA going to be an issue? I'd definitely be up to getting one, especially if I could get into a M7 BS. Do I reach out to a headhunter?

If anyone has any advice, or can chat with me I'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Feb 16, 2020

I would definitely suggest getting that MBA, if not for moving in directly, then at least for breaking through the ranks after moving into PE. M7 is easily doable. Plus, past deal experience will help in MBA recruiting.

Bizdev in PE usually means investor relations - that's nowhere near the main dealflow.

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Feb 17, 2020
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