Advice - Undergrad Business: UBC Sauder bcom VS Erasmus RSM IBA VS Bocconi IEM

I'm a french IB student currently concluding his secondary education.
I've applied to a few Business bachelors. Although I'm unsure on what I want to specialize I'm looking for international prospects and the best education and opportunities availible (regardless of where I live, having lived in a few places and being versatile).
Pushed by my father who focused his view and research on rankings (ARWU shanghai, QS, ft ect..) - I based my application mainly on rankings but I'm starting to have serious doubts on this method. I was notably accepted by Sauder and found out the admission rate was of about 13% for this years Bcom while RSM's IBA had a ~40% admission rate. I'm scared of going into worst programmes and rejecting better options.

Based on your experiences and insights :

1) How would you rank these 3 programmes?
2) Based on employement opportunities how would you rate and compare these 3 programs?
3) How would you rank these 3 programmes purely in terms of international opportunities?

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Mar 28, 2019 - 6:18am


I personally feel you can't go wrong with all three schools. But it depends on what you'd like to do afterwards. Would you like to pursue a master's degree or start working directly? Where?

If you want to work in France, Bocconi is probably the most renowned school. I don't know about how well the RSM is recognised in France but it's definitely quite well recognised in Europe in general. On the other hand, UBC is very far from the French job market but it's not an issue if you pursue a great Master's in Europe after grad. It's a good way to truly internationalise your profile and you'll get the opportunity to live in Vancouver, which is amazing. Plus I guess it's not a very common path for French students so it makes your profile kind of unique (knowing also that there are many many many many French students at Bocconi).

If I were you:

Scenario 1: pursuing a good master's after grad in Europe
1 - UBC
2 - Bocconi
3 - RSM

Scenario 2: trying to get a job after your bachelor's
1 - Bocconi
2 - RSM
3 - UBC

I'm not an expert, that's just what I'd do. Consider also tuition and costs of living - UBC will be way more expensive. RSM is very affordable.

Mar 28, 2019 - 6:35am

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