I will be interning with WFS this summer in Charlotte, NC with their S&T division. We can list 3 preferences from the different desks there are in NC. Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice on this matter.

PLEASE NOTE: I really want to work for BB IB upon graduation preferably in NY, therefore it will be better if I choose a desk that allows for maximum exposure and networking opportunities with people in their IB division.

Here are the options:

Asset-Backed Finance
Sales & Trading

Credit Sales & Trading

Municipal Products
Sales & Trading

Rates & Commodities

Depository Strategies

Foreign Exchange &
International Treasury Management

Thanks a lot for your help.

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My WFS knowledge is dated so honestly I have no business ranking these, but here's what I would do:

1) ABF - best reputation, most recognizable outside of the WFS platform.
2) Credit S&T - thinking this will be most applicable for transitioning to IB and positioning yourself for LevFin, this could also be #1, I'll let others weigh in.
3) Tossup between Depository Strategies, Rates and Commodities and Municipals based on what IB groups you might be interested in. Take DS if you might want to do FIG IB (financial institutions), Rates and Commodities for O&G IB (oil and gas), and Munis if you want to do PubFin (public finance) for some reason.

Hope this helps!

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