Advices on my M&A career

Hi! I need your advices about my future career in M&A.

My background:
- Living in Benelux (Europe)
- Master's degree in Management with a major in Finance (magna cum laude)
- 22 years old and no relevant work experience
- Long term goal (35-40 years old): CFO of a middle-sized company or CEO of my own company

I need your advices on the career path I should take as I have three work offers in M&A:
1) Small M&A boutique, in my home town, (relative low COL) working on small-sized deals.
2) Big4 M&A, in the capital city, (relative high COL) working on middle-sized deals.
3) Elite Boutique, in the capital city, working on middle-sized deals.

In my opinion the pros for each path are:
Pros of boutique: great exposure to C-level, high work diversity, high responsibility, on average 40-50 working hours/week (thus, higher salary/hours worked ratio).
Pros of Big4: a way to meet young graduates (and to build a strong network and make friends), quite prestigious.
Pros of EB: very prestigious, working with very intelligent people, higher salary.

What are your thoughts? What path should I choose?

NB: If I can provide with more details on anything, feel free to ask!

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Aug 5, 2020 - 1:56pm

Seconding. Currently considering a downstream move right now but it's a big risk and at least I can point towards my prior PE experience.

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