AG vs NERA vs Brattle vs Cornerstone

Hey folks. I have offers at all four of the "top" econ consulting shops. Are there any differences in terms of exit opps (b-school in particular), prestige, otherwise that should help inform my decision? All west coast offices

Cornerstone I like cornerstone because the comp is highest and the office I interviewed at seemed pretty chill.

Brattle Smallest of the bunch, nothing particularly stood out to me when visiting the office. I think that brattle probably offers the second worst exit opps

NERA Would be placed into a specific practice area. For that reason alone I'm iffy.

AG best culture out of the four, but I'm not sure that the difference was enough for that to be the sole deciding factor


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Oct 30, 2018

Are you an undergrad/grad student or young professional or PhD working in industry?

Here are some infos I have:

(1) Cornerstone Research: Corporate culture that favours very long hours, best pay amongst the four you mentioned.

(2) Analysis Group: Well known but variance across groups in terms of toxicity.

(3) Brattle Group. Ok reputation.

In terms of reputation (1) >> (2) > (3). I think you might want to look at the profile of people working there in terms of pedigree.

I do not know if the following dimension can be harnessed but the research output is important as well. Repec is the standard for Econ rankings but I do not think they cover EC. As a reminder, a place that doesn't publish means that they aren't kind to their PhD employees..

Hope this helped..

-- Monkey 1

Oct 30, 2018

I'm a college senior, hoping to go to business school, so the PhD concerns aren't particularly worrying to me. Do your have any info on exit opportunities, for other jobs or b school? Thanks!

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Nov 4, 2018
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