Alix Partners-Operational Improvement division?????

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got a full-time offer for Alix Partners in the "Enterprise Improvement" division, London office. I'm from UK, I study here at a target and have no intention of moving to the US. What do you guys think about this company and division. I've been told 90% of my work will involve improving operations of PE portfolio companies (large buyout houses like Blackstone and KKR but also middle market ones like Apax, CVC, etc) and will work alongside their own internal consulting branch (ie. KKR's Capstone) or if they don't have any, with my team. I'm looking at a possible exit to either PE in a few years time and/or a 1-2 year IBD experience. So what are my chances?

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Jan 25, 2015

Resurrecting an old thread! Wamartinu, did you end up taking this offer? Any insights? I am looking to apply to Alix and was wondering how your experiences have been with the firm.

Jan 25, 2015