AlixPartners...thoughts on reputation and compensation?

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Can anyone share their experience (past or current)? I know the workload is intense, but curious to see if anyone can share their personal experience.

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Apr 15, 2018


Apr 15, 2018

Also interested. + I have heard some professionals say that if you would like to do turnaround PE, "turnaround" management skills like the ones you gain at Alix are more valuable & rare than Financial RX expertise. Anyone can shed light on this statement?

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Apr 15, 2018

Alix has a great reputation. Can't really speak to comp,
although I have anecdotally heard positive things.

What group are you interviewing with? RX is obviously their most well-known group but they do a variety of other types of consulting (Same as A&M, FTI).

May 4, 2018

TMT and PE

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Apr 15, 2018

So i'm not directly familiar with their TMT practice but FTI and Alix are fairly similar types of firms so I can give you my two cents relative to FTI's TMT practice.

At FTI TMT is both an industry vertical and a separate group within the segment Corporate Finance & Restructuring. Our TMT group covers both distressed and non-distressed activities such as restructuring, turnaround, performance improvement, cost-optimization, M&A integration and carve out, and a bunch of other things all focused on TMT. It's a great group to work in and you work on a very diverse group of projects.

If Alix's group is similar, it would be a good group to join from an experience perspective.

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Sep 13, 2018

Do you have any insights into what people do after their time in this group at FTI? I'm recruiting for a consultant position in this group and am curious how the experience would fare versus banking

Sep 14, 2018

So I've been actually really surprised by the quality of exits at FTI.

For TMT and core restructuring, the most common exits I've seen personally for juniors (consultants/seniors) are:

1) Investment banking both in RX and general M&A
2) Middle Market Private Equity - Credit funds, distressed funds and traditional LBO.
3) Corporate finance roles especially at tech companies.
4) Other consulting firms.
5) Business school, particularly Wharton for some reason.

For senior folks (Senior Director/Managing Director) I've seen:

1) CFO at middle market companies.
2) Operational roles at PE firms.
3) Other consulting firms in a more senior or lateral role. (probably the most common actually)

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Feb 29, 2020