Am I Networking Properly?

So I have been networking hard for next summer (2022) and usually when I network my calls last 30-40 minutes (I cut it off there to be mindful) where we talk about interests and general questions about IB. The thing is, everyone has referred me to another analyst or senior head at the bank but none of them have offered to push my resume through to HR. I am trying to replay my coffee chats in my head and believe the calls have been going great but have gotten no pushes so far. Maybe I am overthinking it but I don't want to come off as "pushy" by asking directly so I am trying to polish my skills a bit more and was wondering if anyone had some tips/tricks to really make a lasting impact with your chat. Obviously this is more than just a transaction but a way to really make a strong connection with the analyst/associate on the other side of the phone. Thanks for all the help.

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