Am I on a decent trajectory for business school? (~5 yrs away lol)

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I won't be applying to MBA programs for another 3 years at the earliest and 5 years realistically, as I'm a second semester senior. I just want to see if I'm on a decent enough trajectory for some of the schools I'm interested in and hopefully learn what I should do in the next 3-5 years. I did not plan well for banking recruiting, which made the process harder than it had to be. Trying to avoid that mistake again.

I'd love to use an MBA as a way to get a job in HK, but if it's not possible, then whatever. Probably want to do PE or banking after but open to a lot of different things. Some schools I'm interested in now: INSEAD (aware of language requirement), HKUST, LBS, Said, Judge, Haas, Columbia, Stern, Wharton, Fuqua, Tuck, Anderson, Darden, Sloan. Obviously GSB and HBS would be great too if possible.

Here's my background:
- Business Economics major, Biology minor at Indiana University
- Anticipated 3.90-3.94 GPA (highest distinction, honors college)
- NY BB Public Finance Analyst (for 2-3 years after graduation)
- Extra Curriculars: Studied abroad twice; once at LSE and once in HK. Started a student organization related to fitness, but nothing big like student government or anything.
- Not URM
- Hoping for a 700+ GMAT cause I have a few months to prepare

Obviously extracurriculars are a weakness, and my b-school prospects will depend on my post-analyst job. What do I need to do to have a shot at those schools? What would my reach/safety list look like?

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Feb 28, 2011

You are on track, but a lot of it comes down to your essays and interview as well. The numbers will only get you so far. With stats like that you should have no problem writing quality essays but make sure to really focus there. The GPA and GMAT are kind of like checking the box. A 700 won't get you in automatically, but a 400 means your dinged pretty much. SO they see the 700 "check that box" and move on to GPA. When the time comes make sure you know why MBA why school x and why now.

Feb 28, 2011

Remember that the gmat score is only usable for 5 years.

Mar 1, 2011

Agree with above. The things you have achieved (GPA, BB job) make you a candidate for absolutely any school, including HWS, and you know this. Take the GMAT asap - people tend to do better right out of school, and you should have the time to study for it now.

The range of schools you will want to target will depend on what you do going forward - whether you are a good candidate for top 5 or 5-10 or 10-20 schools. As soon as you come out of college, start working on your ECs. If you wait too long, it will look forced and schools will realize that you are doing it just for the application. Start now and use the excuse that you couldn't do it in college, but started right after.

With a GPA like that, you might be able to do very well on the GMAT, assuming your coursework was somewhat rigorous.

Mar 1, 2011