AM to Discretionary Trading/Markets Role

Recently signed on a full time offer for post grad as an AM analyst at a T5 bank. The bank is great since its a strict 8-4/9-5 type of role - pay is slightly below avg but nonetheless I'm stoked since the internship was an amazing experience.

The only thing is, I've realized all I really want to do for a career is some form of discretionary trading at a prop shop (or my own money) or maybe sell side research, basically something that really keeps me intertwined and active in the financial markets.

The biggest hurdle for me in the AM industry is I have zero interest in pursuing a CFA or MBA/Masters and simply don't have the pedigree (tier 300 ugrad) to cut it in the world of attracting rich people's money.

Would anyone care to share some input on how to jump start my career into a very active markets role? I'm starting to realize AM isn't really aligned with what brought me into finance but is the start for sure. This bank has a S&T divison for derivatives, fixed income, and fx that I'm confident I can lateral into but I'm not quite sure what my exits would be from that and I'm pretty sure it's just a sales role mainly. 

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Nov 14, 2021 - 11:31am

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