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Hey, I was wondering what the process of leaving a well regarded asset manager in a portfolio managment position for a hedge fund would be like? The position is a buy side er associate basically. Would I be at an advantage in the remix with will hve public markets experience, or will I be at a disadvantage vs the regular ib route. I know more bankers work at hedge funds, but there r also far less am positions, so I was wondering which would actually be a better start to try and eventually pursue a hedge fund? Thanks

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Apr 23, 2021 - 11:52am

depends on role. if the AM role has you heavily involved in the underwriting and diligence process for single securities, you should be in a decent position. beyond that, depends on track record of others in that role and where they exited. if no track record, that's tough. won't have much help from recruiters. better hope your bosses are well connected.

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