AMA: Extreme Non-Target to Top BB IBD

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- Non-target (not even in U.S News' top 100)
- Finance major
- 3.8 GPA
- Sophomore summer in S&T rotation at AM with 1T+ AUM
- Junior summer at BB IBD (Non NYC)
- Recruited full-time and landed at Top BB IBD (GS / MS) in a great group (Non NYC)


Happy to speak about SA as well as FT recruiting, experience, advice, etc.

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Oct 7, 2019

How the FT recruiting process? Did you let your offer explode? Was it hard to network while working IBD hours? What is your advice for someone recruiting FT still

Oct 7, 2019

The FT recruiting process is relatively unstructured. I used a very targeted approach in that I only networked with bankers I had previously relationships with. Specifically, I did the majority of my "networking" prior to starting my internship (say Jan - May). Due to the previous relationships I had, I didn't reach out looking for "full-time opportunities." Instead, I would ask to catch-up. In my opinion, it is quite dangerous to be networking outside of the bank during your internship. Bankers are not dumb, and they can easily put the pieces together when you grab a conference room and take a call for 15 minutes. For me, I waited until after I received a full-time offer to ask my network about other full-time opportunities. If you have an offer in hand from a reputable shop, it is quite easy. The process is extremely expedited and rarely requires a first round. In my experience as well as my friends, it was as simple as getting on the phone with someone, informing them of your offer and reason for wanting to jump, and then scheduling a time to come by the office. I was fortunate enough that this took place the week following my offer, so it did not explode.

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Oct 7, 2019

How much did networking influence your ability to land these roles? And how did go about doing it, since alumni bases at most big firms tend to be small from non-targets? Thanks!

Oct 7, 2019
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