AMA: Tier 2 consultant to UMM/MF PE

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Happy to do an AMA to give back and talk about how I went from a tier 2 consulting shop to UMM/MF PE.

My background

Multiple interviews

I had dozens of at bats for over a year before successfully landing this offer. I interviewed everywhere from VC to sourcing growth to regular growth to MM to impact investing to MF to HFs to M&A IB to RX. Seriously.

PE was the place to be

I quickly realized PE was the place to be and so I made sure to only get DDs and strategy. When interviewing, nobody cared about my strategy projects. They only wanted to hear about the biggest deals I worked on, not because of size, but because there was so much to talk about and I really got to put on my investor cap and show them I could think critically and creatively about these deals.

How I learned modeling

I went to a semi-target school. I came out of college having no idea what an "income statement" was (non-technical major, think something like philosophy or French). I learned modeling and accounting by spending most weekends modeling and through trial and error at interviews. You can learn just about everything you need from Multiple Expansion. They even added a sensitivity analysis module a few days ago. I also recommend picking up old tests from peers.


Two consecutive years, I did not get a single invitation to interview on cycle (unlike my MBB counterparts) and so I really had to hustle. For the most part, I received all interview invitations through headhunters, though 2-3 I received from networking.

Ask me anything

Happy to answer any questions. The best advice I got on this forum was to have a never give up attitude.