Amazon Is Becoming Bigger Search Engine Than Google

According to a NYU professor, Amazon is becoming a bigger search engine than Google. Approximately 55% of all searches relating to shopping now begin on Amazon, bypassing Google. While I think Google still dominates Amazon in other search engine areas, I'm not surprised about the shopping. Personally, Amazon is the first place I look when there is something I want to buy. It amazes me how dominant they are in this area. This is also part of the reason why Amazons stock was upgraded.

Amazon has become a major player in the search engine space, and could soon become a "more important search engine than Google," NYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway told CNBC on Tuesday.

As Amazon reinvents the very industry it disrupted, retail, it is also becoming a primary shopping search engine for consumers, with 55 percent of searches beginning on the site.

While I don't think Amazon will overtake Google in other areas, I think their retail dominance is impressive. What are your opinions on their hold of the segment and what does the future of retail look like?

NYU Professor On Amazon

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