American going to Europe for Masters Management/finance

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How difficult is if for Non-EU citizens(Americans Specifically) to find jobs after attending Masters Finance or Masters Management degrees from EU schools such as Bocconi or ESADE.

Considering no work experience/internships, undergrad from an American school, and a desire to get finance or consulting related jobs post graduation. I am currently deciding between a few schools but have been told that it might be an uphill battle because I don't have proficiency in the local languages(italian or spanish), the UK situation might be a bit rough going forward, and employers in the US don't really have a clue about these programs.

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Mar 9, 2018

I believe ESADE has immersive Spanish classes for their MBA students if their Spanish isn't strong. they might also be available for you. In any case, Spaniards aren't very English friendly IMO. So unless you can get your Spanish to a good level then Spain might be a no go for you.

Mar 10, 2018