Analyst, Credit Portfolio Management Interview Preparation

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Hi Monkeys,

I recently got an interview invitation for Analyst, Credit Portfolio Management position from Hudson Advisor. Although it is the first time that I get an interview from them, they ask me to go to their office for a 90 mins interview. I indeed don't know what kind of interview it will be...

The position will mainly focus on managing portfolios of credit assets including non-agency mortgage loans and MBS investments as well as other structured products within the Opportunity Fund. They require candidates to do some jobs like maintaining cash flow projection models for investment portfolios, performing discounted cash flow analyses under different credit scenarios, financing structures and other assumptions, calculating valuations for portfolio hedge positions etc.

To be honest, I do not have much sense about credit portfolio management. My past experience is mainly focused on corporate finance valuation and I'm wondering how to prepare for this interview. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Any great materials to read for the technical questions?


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Mar 11, 2019