Analyst jobs for international students? (Australian)


New to the site and this is my first post. Bit of a unique question hopefully someone can help.

I got back from 6 months of student exchange in the US, and absolutely loved it. Would love to be able to get a job over there when I graduate next year.

I am worried I might not be considered for a job because the company won't want to go through the hassles of applying for a Visa. Australia actually has its own dedicated work Visa that makes it much easier for US companies to hire Australians. From what I know about it, the process of offering an Australian a Visa is much easier than applicants from most other countries.

My question is do banks usually consider overseas applicants? and would they even be aware of this Visa considering not many Aussies would apply for jobs there?

Quick side question: The grading in US universities is much different than Australia. I am averaging 83% grade for my subjects here which is considered very strong (Anything above 85% is like an A+ here), at Florida I found an 83% average wouldn't be very impressive at all , is the harsher grading going to work to my detriment or would they be aware of this?

I don't need a job at a big prestigious bank with super hard application standards (i.e. A Goldman Sachs looking for harvard graduates with a perfect GPA who can solve a rubix cube blindfolded and develop a cure for polio in the interview), just a good job at a respectable company where I can start my career and learn the ropes.

Very long post but any help on either of the questions would be much appreciated.



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