Another transcript / grades stuff

Hello everyone, I just got an offer from a top BB, and obviously they are going to conduct a background check.

Here are two facts :
- I have half-terrible grades.
- I never ever lied on my application, I somehow got called for interviews and then offered a position without mentioning grades a single time.

I just recieved the "background form", and I will obivously not lie there about my grades.
The third party firm will thus verify those grades and confirm they are correct.

The question is : Might the bank withdraw the offer even if i never lied and they actually never used those grades during the recruiting process ?


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Feb 29, 2012 - 8:08pm
i dont think so, especially if you had your gpa stated on your resume - they didnt think it was a big deal or a hindrance to giving you an offer

No, my GPA was not stated anywhere (Application or resume or whatever).
They have no idea of my GPA.

Actually the "GPA" is not a commonly used measure in my country, and grading is harder (getting the equivalent of B/C is not "bad", since only a few guys get A).

I have a very good Resume (uni / internships), and went trough a background check last year for my Internship but the firm that conducted it was different so I'm not as confident...

Anyway, thanks, I guess i'll just wait and see.

Jun 9, 2013 - 12:58pm

Hi Guys,

Bumping the topic. From OP I'd like to ask how the story ended.

I'm in a similar situation. Got admitted by a BB in the UK. I was only asked what final grade I am expected to get. I am expecting an equivalent of a first in my country, however here the final grade is comprised of your gpa, a final thesis and a final exam each with an equal weight. I never had to mention my gpa (converges to the equivalent of a 3.0 from the lower end) but I am confident I will get a 1st in this system.

Background Check firm is obviously asking for my transcript so they will notice my grades, however they have no clue about the local system. I will also get my final grades before starting at the firm. My question is how this story is likely to end up? I am most likely being a paranoid, but the joy of getting the offer is replaced by the fear of getting it withdrawn.

Any insight or good advice would be much appreciated.

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