Any Best Practices for getting into the industry?

Hi all, I'm an IT guy looking to enter the Equity Research space. I had worked with a RA during the summers of my undergrad days several years ago. Aside from that, I have had little else exposure. I do work at a Buy Side institution currently and am trying to develop contacts with the RAs here. Aside from this, I am taking the CFA exam come Dec 07. Are they are other methods you can suggest that would help me get an 'in'?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

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Oct 5, 2007 - 12:31pm

the fact that you wrote "Best Practices" is very IT! That kind of verbage certainly won't help your case. In response to your question, starting the CFA program is a step in the right direction, but you'll have to complete at least level 2 before you'll gain any real credit. Really depends on what kind of IT you were doing. Are you an expert in a product category like Enterprise Applications? Hardware? Semi-conductors? IT support type work will not get you anywhere, your experience must give you some sort of insight into the company's you will be covering or at least their product development cycle. Otherwise, good luck!

Oct 5, 2007 - 9:58pm

Hey Iceman, thx for the response, for the record, "Best Practices" is more a consulting thing (did time at E&Y's Mgmt consulting div at one point). Thinking about what you said regarding the hardware components, I can't say I really get into technical details. I serve as a Biz Analyst, whose task it is to understand what the Biz needs and work with the tech guys to get it done. With that said, your point around specific technologies, hardware, etc got me thinking about my consulting background a bit more. My experience ranges from understanding the workings of a medical diagnostic company to the way Pharma reps work to understanding the fine details of a large multinational company's handling of leasing and financing operations to currently building a program to support the fair valuation of securities. Although I have worked in several different industries, I figure it should account for something as far as understanding various businesses right?

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