Any chance to get something interesting?

Hi there,

First of all, I'm a recent finance grad from a mid/non-target I was hoping to get some thoughts about my plan. Any thought will be greatly appreciated.

Here's my current aspirations/situation:

1) Career
I'm currently interested in investment banking and similar types of intense business jobs(PE, VC, Consulting, etc). That can be for the future though, as I feel my profile may not be strong enough + I have no experience...


2) Education
I was thinking about Cornell's MBA with CFA integration. Their admission 80% range was 3.09-XXXX, which, I was hoping, with some luck landing at a prestigious firm before applying, and kicking the GMAT at 680+, would give me some sort of a chance?

If the school does not work: I can do the Msc + CFA at a non-target and be done in 2 years with no debt. That may be the best choice in many ways, but going to a good school was an aspiration.

My Profile:

- I've recently graduated in finance with 3.1GPA, french canadian.

I did quite a lot of extra-curricular form 16 up until graduation, which I've always found difficult to sell:

Age16-17 - Provincial dance competitions

age 18-19 - I played poker professionally from age, meaning: I could pay the rent and all regular expenses playing about 15h a week. and being in school / doing more extra-curricular.

age 19-20 Then I took a year off to work for a fashion photographer well known in Montreal, I thought I wanted to become an innovative artist/marketer back then!

Age 20-23 University - while in university, I started a small photo project where we were doing digital photography for local brands, tutored finance, worked part time in a small boutique insurance/investment firm, did photography, which I lost a big project for an artist so no awards unfortunately...

- speak 3 languages, english is not my first language but it looks like it.

Any thoughts about my plan for 1)career, 2)education???

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Mar 12, 2013