Any Former Consultants Working As PM's? -- Can You Give Insights On PM Careers?

Went to Northwestern. A good friend of mine who graduated two years ahead of me recently left MBB for PM role at a top fintech (PayPal/Square/Mastercard/AMEX). 

Told me it's one of the most underlooked career paths because MD/Partner equivalents at FAANGS can pull 800-1.2M+ (don't believe me? check out levels fyi). 

I'm sure many of you know MBB/T2 consultants that have exited to coveted PM roles. Can you elaborate more on the career path, & why or why you are not looking into exiting into a PM role? Or even the experiences of coworkers would be very helpful. Since PM is something that is barely talked about outside of SWE or MBA circles. 

Ik that I'll prob need an MBA to go into it, but I'm still very curious. 

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Apr 26, 2021 - 4:10pm

Product management is one of the most sought after exit opps for consultants, head over to fishbowl and do a quick search 10+ posts a day asking how to exit into PM at big tech it's not an easy path and ironically tech consulting at Accenture / Big 4 will be a better shot than Strategy at MBB because FAANG really cares about tech skills (bar Amazon which is much more consultant friendly and prestige driven)

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Apr 28, 2021 - 12:03am

lots of info on what a PM does online so i wont go into that

the danger of PM (and industry roles in general) is that it's very easy to plateau. Senior PM is considered terminal at most companies, which equates to roughly 300-400 comp at FAANG and other big tech, and less at startups. Obviously thats a pretty sweet gig, but it's definitely not easy to even get to 500+ comp. on a per capita basis, there are much fewer product execs at FAANG pulling down 800+ than partners at MBB who pull down 1m just in their first year as partner

you definitely do not need an MBA to get into it - most PMs don't have one. they either recruited directly out of undergrad into a prestigious rotational program like google apm, or switched over naturally from another function. this could be SWE (most common) but plenty of marketing, sales, even customer support folks evolve into PMs (a former internship manager of mine did this). 

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