Any Insight of Consulting in Canada?

Hey guys, I'm a Canadian in HS and I'm hoping to go into Management Consulting after undergrad. I don't know if this is the usual but I'm planning to stay on rather than leave for exit opps (I don't know if this is the usual in Canada). Anyways, I was looking for some insight on the best schools, top firms as well as lifestyle/comp and such. Just to make it easier I'll number my questions

1: Which 2-3 schools should I aim for to have the best chances of getting into MC? I've heard of Ivey, Queens, Schulich, Mcgill and Rotman though not sure which ones I should apply for. I'm currently leaning toward Ivey and Queens, are these good choices?

2: Which firms should I aim for? I know there is presence of MBB in Canada but not sure where they recruit from as well as how many people.

3: How long are the hours? I heard in the States they're around 70 hour work weeks, is it about the same for Canada?

4: How is job security compared to BB IB in the States? Is it one of the more stable jobs in the business/finance world?

5: What is the comp like at the MBB Toronto offices? Should I just take the comp of the States and convert it to CAD or do Canadians get significantly less?

6: Is the usual career path to stay in Consulting or search for exit opps like in the States as there aren't many megafunds here if any. Also, do people usually get an MBA after working in Consulting for 2 years or is that more for the States?

Answers to any of these questions is greatly appreciated.