Any middle-office analytical role in insurance for corp analysts in the back office?

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not sure if it's the best forum to ask this question. I know most of the folks are in the banking industry.
Nevertheless will appreciate any advice.

My background: 8 years in accounting and Financial planning team , among which 3 years working in an oversea office so far. My employer is in the industry of insurance brokerage. However i'm not a broker and i'm seeing my job become more and more routine.

My skills are more in accounting, some intermediate level of data visualisation as well as basic VBA skills. Excel and Powerpoint for sure. Apart from that some people and project management experience.

My question - will there be any chance for me to transfer from a back-officer person to middle office in the brokerage or insurance industry? I know there's a lot of networking job to do but online forum is also one of them.

Thanks a ton.

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Nov 29, 2017