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Jun 1, 2017


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Jan 16, 2016

Look into a Kauffman Fellowship. What you are specifically asking for doesn't really exist. Events like Tech Crunch disrupt and various demo days have a lot of VCs, but they aren't designed specifically for VCs to network with one another.

Jan 18, 2016

use linkedin and find people at funds of interest and see if you have any second degree connections that can put you in touch.

Jan 22, 2016

Your network is a result of your own effort. There isn't an easy pill for 'Oh my God, now I'm plugged in everywhere and people syndicate their best deals with me!'

If early stage Internet, mobile, and IoT are your focus (and that's ridiculously broad; of those three IoT is the only vertical, the rest are massive umbrellas), you need to go to related events. Find incubators and accelerators and attend their demo days. Attend more than their demo days; get to know the operators, deliver value to them, and over time as your reputation solidifies, they'll send you great stuff earlier than the demo day.

Figure out which conferences are the best. Go to them. Find out who's presenting (both companies and investors), do your homework on them, and show up prepared to talk smartly to each.

Find funds with portfolio companies you like. Get to know their Associates. See if you have mutual connections that can put you in touch. If all else fails, a well-crafted email stating who you are, where you work, and your interest in connecting will suffice. You won't get a meeting or call immediately, but they'll make time to get to know you within a few weeks. Make sure you know your shit; if someone gets the sense that your dealflow sucks, your firm's portfolio is weak, and you as a person don't know what you're talking about, they will bookmark you mentally as such (and if anyone asks their opinion about you or your firm, they may say as much).

If you're not based in a market you want to source deals from, you have to travel. It's really simple.

Jun 1, 2017
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