Anybody had success with trading evaluation platforms like Collective2, FundSeeder or TopStepTrader to get into a hedge fund as a trader / sub-PM?

FundSeeder and Collective2 are 3rd party analytics that evaluate your connected brokerage account.

Assuming a trader does well for 9 months and creates a good track record of active daytrading, has any significant fund actually hired people from these platforms?

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Jun 7, 2021 - 5:03pm

Can it help your chances? Yeah probably. Will it guarantee a shot? Unlikely to. Personally haven't seen anyone go straight into a sub-PM role from outside of the firm (at an MM), it's always analysts within a team getting the promote once they get experience with handling the book, or traders who did prop stuff elsewhere and have a record of that. That being said, having a track record of your trades, paper or real is always helpful to show that you live and breathe this. The strats in your PA probs won't scale, but discipline and process will shine through. Hope this helps - I don't have experience with the platforms you mentioned. Good question though. Shame this thread isn't getting traction. 

Jun 7, 2021 - 5:14pm

on the FundSeeder website, they say they have partnered with FirstNewYork, which is a $2 billion  AUM prop trading firm, with the intention of hiring traders with good performance....but have not read of any actual trader hires at FNY directly from the FundSeeder platform (tho, they might just not disclose for reasons).

just google're welcome
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