Anybody have room for an SA?

Alright guys, here is my situation:

Have a FT offer for S&T with a BB, but I just got accepted to Oxford for a two-year master's program and I have decided it is best to go. I ultimately want to work in S&T, but I think in the long run going to Oxford will pay dividends and it will be a fantastic life experience. I know I am risking a lot by going, but I am balls to the wall and figure if I can get a FT BB offer with a humanities degree from a non-target (as I succeeded in doing), I feel like I will sure be able to get a good offer coming out of Oxford.

However, this has left me in a unique situation- I have no gig for this summer. Obviously I wasn't trying to get an SA bc I am graduating this spring and had a FT offer, but now that I am going to Oxford, I really want to find an SA position in S&T for this summer (which could hopefully lead to FT after Oxford).

Therefore, I am wondering if anyone has any openings and interest in me. Here are some credentials (I don't want to get too specific because this is all public, but if you PM me I'll give details).


School: PAC-10 (not USC, UCLA, STAN), I go to this university because I have a full Athletic scholarship

GPA: 3.8, BA in Business and Anthropology

-My university's sole candidate for Rhodes Scholarship, 2010
-Captain of nationally-ranked PAC-10 Varsity tennis team (2008-2010):
-Recently accepted to University of Oxford (2011)
-All PAC-10 Academic First-Team
-National Division-1 Scholar-Athlete
-Representative for NCAA Hall of Champions

Also, even if you are not interested, let me know what you think of my decision, I am looking for advice.

If you are interested please PM me.

Btw everything here is true, I am not Jeff Chiang haha.

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Apr 16, 2011 - 9:21pm

I say call the BB you got an offer from and let them know of the situatuion. Dont talk with HR right away as they will usually be pissed that they have to find someone else to take your spot. Speak with the traders or the sales MDs and see if they can work something out for you to be a SA and possibly line up a FT offer after school pending you do well and keep your grades up.

Now if I was you I would take the FT offer now and get some experience for a few years then go to Oxford after.

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Apr 16, 2011 - 9:23pm

haha I'll try not to. I might try and play some pro ball or a small club while im over there to make ends meet, hopefully that will keep me in shape!

Apr 26, 2011 - 1:56pm

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