Anyone has insight on Google FP&A?

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A recruiter from Google found me on LinkedIn and reached out to me for project lead role with FP&A so now we are scheduled to talk later this month. So I'm trying to do some homework before the call.

Does anyone have any insight on Google FP&A? Culture, structure, career progression, exit opportunities, type of work, hours, interview questions, etc. Anything you can share is appreciated :)

My background: FP&A director (almost 2 years in the role) for North America region with 10B+ in sales. Been with the same company since junior year internship. I made director after 6 years so I only have 8 years of experience on paper. Pretty good upside opportunity if I stick around here (VP/CFO track) but Google brand name is irresistible.

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Jan 11, 2019