Anyone have any M&A Pitchbooks they can share?

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Ppt would be ideal, if not pdf also works. Have the oracle one and links to those on the SEC website. Its more for self learning purposes and dissecting them to see how its built. I know banks often don't build them from scratch, but still would find them useful.

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May 17, 2017

Doubt you'll get powerpoint as pitch books almost always contain private information and generally aren't disclosed outside of the bank / client. Found a PDF link for you though, in regards to a JPM Hong Kong pitch. Hope that helps
Tbh there's not much to know about a pitchbook though, Typically you have an overview of your bank and capabilities / tombstones, positioning overview of the company and market overview, valuation ofc goes in here, potential buyers if its an M&A deck, IPO process overview if its an IPO, and debt models if its debt underwriting. The deck would wrap up with a final recommendation, then followed by appendices of models and backup data. You'll learn a lot more about them once you're on the job

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May 17, 2017

Yea the ones I kept have confidential written all over them. I'm sure some others may have better input since I never went into IB outside of 2 internships.

The basic parts are as follows:

  1. Key Considerations - Current, Short-term, Long term outlook
  2. Buyer Environment - Strategic buyer list, Financial buyer list
  3. Valuation - SOTP, Public comps, Transaction comps, DCF, etc
  4. Appendix containing more detailed buyer descriptions, deal team bios, etc
May 17, 2017

Thanks guys. I was looking for something to go off of because for my internship, I'll be required to do a M&A transaction pitch for the seniors. I've done stock pitches before, so was wondering how much it differed.

May 17, 2017
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