Anyone have Hull 7th ed. solutions? (SBs!!)

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I'm a long-time lurker trying to get things together for my SA spot in S&T this summer. I have the 7th edition Hull book that I've been reading, but I feel like getting my hands dirty with some of the problems would be good. Does anyone have a copy of the 7th edition solutions manual?

Note: I've already searched the forum and gone through 5+ pages of google results with no dice.

Thanks guys.

All my SBs to whoever can provide for what that's worth.

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Jun 20, 2011 - 3:15pm

Instructor Manual for Hull (7th ed.) ? (Originally Posted: 03/03/2011)

does anyone has the instructor manual for the Hull book or knows where to get it? (the one containing solutions to the assignment questions as well, not the regular solutions manual)

any help would be greatly appreciated. please drop me a pm if you have any info on this, or possibly post on the board, if the topic is of broader interest

thanks in advance for your assistance folks

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