Anyone know anything about Marcus & Millichap Venture Associate Program?

It's a rotational program for recent MBA's in acquisitions, asset management, developments. Has anyone heard anything about it or know someone whose been through it? Thanks.

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Nov 17, 2018

I know CBRE had the wheel program that was similar in some ways but have stopped doing it last I heard. Marcus & Millichap is a brokerage. Not sure how you would have the opportunity to view the development/asset management side as they do not do either one. From an acquisitions point of view, you may be on a sales/debt team that helps sponsors acquire property.

Nov 17, 2018

I think Marcus and Millichap (the founders) do have a division that uses their capital to invest/ develop properties.

It's called like MMC Real Estate.

Maybe it trains under that in addition to investment sales?

EDIT: Just looked it up, it is under MMC, I don't know anything about the company/ program other than it exists.

Nov 17, 2018

source for MMC?

Nov 17, 2018

Marcus and Millichap Companies...

Nov 19, 2018

You might know their operating subs better than the holding company: Pacific Urban Residential, Summerhill Housing Group, Meridian Property Company, and Hanover Financial.

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Nov 19, 2018
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