Anyone knows about MF in Asia?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently doing interviews with MFs in Asia. I won't specify the location here as the pool is so small here.

I heard that many MFs in Asia "discount" your years when giving out offers and have different programs compared to North America (e.g. Giving an analyst offer for those who have done 2 years at banking, etc.)

My questions are,
1. If above is the case, how is the typical analyst/ associate program in Asia? Do you have to leave for MBAs or can you just go up without pursuing MBA degrees?

  1. How is the comp? If you have to work as another year as an analyst despite your past experience in banking / consulting, do you actually get around 100-150k at MF? And how is it as an associate? Can I still expect 200-300k as in the US/UK?

Thanks guys for sharing!

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Mar 26, 2020