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Oct 22, 2013

Generally yes. True for all the big tech guys, as they have gotten creative with what they do using their cash pile (i.e. I heard google buys securitized auto loans).

Oct 22, 2013

Depends on the liquidity of the assets.

Oct 22, 2013

^^ exactly, you have to look at what the LT investments are made up of. Here it looks like US Treasury and Agency securities, Corporates, Munis, and a little bit of MBS. I'd definitely include it as these are very liquid assets

eta: got my info from p54 of the 10K (note 2)

Oct 13, 2015


Oct 22, 2013

what ev did you come up with?

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Oct 22, 2013

Yeah deduct them in this case. You wouldn't if the LT investment was money invested to build a giant apple campus or something

Oct 23, 2013